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A Tough Mom Finds Relief Through the Marketplace

When Christine started having abdominal pain, she wondered if her family history of heart problems was catching up with her. Without health insurance, she decided it would cost too much money to go see a doctor. So for two months, Christine bore her unknown pain and continued life as best she could as a mother of three and Lincoln Public… Read more →

ACA In Nebraska: Marketplace policy allowed Omaha woman to follow career dreams

Amanda Caillau of Omaha worked as a manager at a restaurant and had health insurance through her employer. But what she really wanted to do was go back to school to pursue her dream of becoming an art teacher. So she did–but in doing so, she lost her insurance. When she initially lost her coverage, she looked at purchasing private… Read more →

ACA In Nebraska: Young professional finds complete coverage

26-year-old Sara Tangdall teaches part-time as an adjunct English composition professor in the Omaha-metro area. Because she does not have a full-time position, she was unable to get insurance through her job, so she decided to check out the Health Insurance Marketplace. Having insurance for Sara is critical because she has severe asthma and allergies and requires prescriptions that, without insurance,… Read more →

ACA In Nebraska: Omaha man dissatisfied with old insurance company finds new coverage in Marketplace

Adam Witte, 31, of Omaha had been purchasing private insurance on the individual market for the last several years, but he admits he was not exactly in love with the customer service experience of his old insurance company. “First the number would disconnect me after being on hold for 45 minutes,” Adam said.  “So I tried a different number and… Read more →

ACA In Nebraska: Navigators find it rewarding to help people Get Covered

Katie Nungesser saw daily the relief – and sometimes tears – on people’s faces when she informs them they will be able to afford health insurance, in many cases for the first time ever. Until recently Katie, 28, worked as a certified Navigator with the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska in Lincoln, helping people discover their health insurance options in the… Read more →

ACA In Nebraska: Marketplace saves money for Omaha business owner

As October 16th neared, Omaha resident Mike Nellis knew he would not only be celebrating his 26th birthday—he would also lose access to his parents’ health insurance. As a small business owner, Mike couldn’t afford to provide insurance for himself through his company. He knew he would have to seek out options on his own. Because of the initial difficulties… Read more →

ACA In Nebraska: Marketplace helped Young Entrepreneur meet coverage needs

A couple years ago, Phil Jarrett, a young professional in Omaha, found out that his medical costs didn’t stop once he got done paying for surgery. That was the year Phil spent nearly half of his annual income on medical bills – even with health insurance provided by his employer. “My old plans wouldn’t cover items relating to pre-existing conditions… Read more →

ACA In Nebraska: Windrum family finds affordable coverage

Omaha resident Carol Windrum remembers the fear of not knowing if you were going to get what you paid for in the days before the Affordable Care Act. Carol had survived cancer, but because of the disease, it was difficult for her to find affordable insurance through the private market.  She was only able to get expensive health care coverage… Read more →