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Medicaid Renewals

When will Nebraska begin Medicaid renewals? 
What do I do if I receive a letter from Nebraska Medicaid? 
What if I do not qualify for Medicaid anymore? 

Expanded Medicaid in Nebraska

What is expanded Medicaid? 
What is Heritage Health Adult? 
Who is eligible for Nebraska’s expanded Medicaid? 
When and how can I apply for expanded Medicaid in Nebraska? 
How can I get help applying for expanded Medicaid? 


The Health Insurance Marketplace

Is the Health Insurance Marketplace still around? Is the ACA still the law? 
What is the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? 
When can I get enrolled in ACA health insurance coverage? 
Can I enroll myself? 
What’s the best way to compare plans? 
What if I need help while enrolling? 
How can I find healthcare-related events near me? 
What do I bring to my enrollment application appointment? 
How is Nebraska doing on folks gaining health insurance? 

More Questions?

More questions?