Education and Engagement Group

Enroll Nebraska’s Education and Engagement Group is generally made up of non-healthcare related nonprofits, government agencies, and community organizations interested in spreading awareness, participating in outreach, and providing referrals to local enrollment assisters in Nebraska.

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Who should attend?

Groups interested in…

  • Connecting your network to quality, affordable health insurance
  • Staying up-to-date on the ACA and
  • Learning key dates, terms and referral info relevant to their clients
  • Gaining timely and relevant ACA resources

Next Webinar

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Past Meetings & Resources

10/19/2017: Get Engaged: Health Insurance Referrals Save Lives 
09/14/2017: Marketplace Open Enrollment: What to Expect and How You Can Help
05/17/2017: Heritage Health 101 Presentation and LiveStream 
02/16/2017: Special Enrollment Periods: Life Changing Events, Coverage, Timeframes 
12/15/2016: Immigrant Eligibility and the Affordable Care Act & Medicaid 
09/21/2016: Health Insurance through the Affordable Care Act 
08/18/2016: Heritage Health and Enrollment Assistance 
06/14/2016: Women’s Health and the Affordable Care Act 

For older webinars, please contact Enroll Nebraska or visit our Youtube Channel.