Nebraska’s Get Covered Connector


The Get Covered Connector is Nebraska’s newest way to help consumers make appointments for in-person assistance. It can streamline scheduling and reporting for assisters around the state. Best of all, it’s free to use!

A general overview video is below. Need written info? Check out our Flyer or FAQ.



We recorded an hour long training that can be very helpful HERE (or watch previous Connector Training Part 1 and Connector Training Part 2 webinars).

After signing into the tool, you also have access to training videos and tutorials on how to do anything you need to do with the Connector.

More training is available by contacting Eric. Rest assured, we can walk through everything you need to know.



Please indicate your interest in using the tool by October 15, 2016 so we can get everyone up to speed.

If you have questions, please contact Eric at 402-438-8853 ext. 126 or at


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Get Covered Connector?
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How much does it cost?
How do we get access?
What are the requirements for using the Connector?
How does the Connector help consumers keep their appointments?
Who has access to data in the back end of the system?
How can I learn more or sign up?