March 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Expand Medicaid in Nebraska NOW Health insurance coverage plays a significant role in ensuring those that become ill with the coronavirus can quickly access needed treatment, through a primary care provider or through more significant interventions for those that need them. Without Medicaid expansion our health care system is missing a critical tool to combat the spread and toll… Read more →

February 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Health Care Bills in Nebraska Legislature It’s the middle of the short, 60-day legislative session in Nebraska. Did you know NET streams all floor debate and hearings online for free? Check out debate on LB932 which would require the state to start Medicaid Expansion on Oct. 1, 2020 as projected. UPCOMING EVENTS If you know about health care-related and/or… Read more →

Health Insurance Marketplace helps record numbers of Nebraskans sign up for coverage in 2019

By Blake Ellis, Economic Justice Intern at Nebraska Appleseed For many Nebraskans, the number 90,000 has quite a resonance. That is the sell-out capacity for supporters packing into Memorial Stadium on chilly Saturdays in the fall ready to cheer on Cornhusker football. But over 90,000 Nebraskans have more than just football to celebrate in 2020. 90,845 Nebraskans have signed up… Read more →

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January 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT What are your plans for Nebraska Medicaid Expansion? Take our 3-minute survey If state timelines hold, 90,000 Nebraskans will be eligible to enroll in expanded Medicaid in August, 2020 (for coverage to start October 2020). Is your organization planning to support outreach and enrollment? Fill out this brief survey to share your plans. UPCOMING EVENTS If you know about… Read more →

December 2019 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Enrollment numbers for OE7 are in 90,951 individuals in Nebraska signed up for health insurance coverage through the Nebraska Marketplace. In other words, 3,000 more than have ever signed up before! Congratulations to all enrollment assister organizations, referrers, and others who helped keep Nebraska healthy by enabling sign ups. For more, read CMS’s press release HERE. UPCOMING EVENTS If… Read more →

November 2019 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Open Enrollment Continues ( The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released state data for the first three weeks of open enrollment. As a nation, it appears we lag far behind where we were last year (nearly 250,000 in the first 9 days). In Nebraska, we are similarly behind with just 17,041 enrolling thus far compared to 23,381… Read more →

October 2019 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Have a Spooky Enrollment Enroll Nebraska wishes you a safe but spooky couple of days as you prepare for Open Enrollment! To relax, feel free to watch our “Happy” Promo Video, distribute some Nebraska-specific outreach materials, or check out Nebraska plans (previews are up at But most of all, avoid the full moon! UPCOMING EVIL-EVENTS If you know… Read more →

September 2019 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Get Trained, Get Excited Your organizations, CMS, and national health care enrollment partners are gearing up for November 1 (the first day of open enrollment) with webinars, trainings, and practical tips on doing your jobs. Find a ton of resources in the bottom section of this email to get trained up with a few lessons targeted just for your… Read more →

New Census data shows growing number of uninsured Americans, less so in Nebraska

By Claire Johnson, Economic Justice Intern As open enrollment for the 2020 benefit year approaches (November 1 – December 15, 2019), new numbers were released describing the nation’s uninsured. According to new Census data, the number of uninsured Americans has increased from 7.9% to 8.5% nationwide. This is an increase of about 1.9 million individuals without coverage in the last… Read more →

August 2019 Newsletter

Planning for OE7 Now is the time to start planning for how your organization will help more people get coverage in Open Enrollment 7 (November 1 – December 15, 2019)! Have you thought about outreach strategy? Can you follow up with past clients? What would it take to put out a press release? These are just some of the questions… Read more →