Month: December 2014

‘500 by the 15th’ surpasses health coverage goal

A statewide campaign to help at least 500 Nebraskans enroll in health insurance or renew previous plans in the first half of December was a resounding success, Enroll Nebraska announced today. Enroll Nebraska, a statewide network of health care providers, community organizations, in-person assisters, and advocacy groups, revealed that participating organizations helped 893 Nebraskans either enroll or renew coverage plans… Read more →

Many Newly Insured are not Shopping Around

For those who signed up for health insurance last enrollment period through Health Insurance Marketplace, plans will be automatically renewed for the upcoming year starting tomorrow. While this makes it easier for individuals to stay covered, most could save money by reviewing their plans and considering switching to a different insurer.  According to an article in The New York Times,… Read more →