Enroll Nebraska: Helping Organizations Prepare for Health Care Reform

health-care-reformblogOctober will be a historic month for health care in Nebraska as nearly 200,000 Nebraskans will finally have access to affordable health insurance – many for the first time – through the health insurance Marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act.  This is an unprecedented opportunity to ensure all Nebraskans get the health care coverage they need.

To help fulfill the promise of this opportunity, Enroll Nebraska has formed to connect and equip organizations with the resources they need to make sure all Nebraskans can enroll in coverage.

Enroll Nebraska is a group of organizations collaborating across the state in order to help other organizations to educate and enroll uninsured Nebraskans.  Enroll Nebraska includes a diverse group of partners–hospitals, community agencies, public health agencies, advocates, doctors, and faith groups.

Enroll Nebraska is organized into the teams:

  • Technical Team: Coordinates outreach plan, develops and maintains outreach materials, troubleshoots problems, and monitors policy changes;
  • Finance Team:  Organizes funding opportunities, assesses resource needs, and monitors grant opportunities;
  • Stakeholder Team:  Identifies and recruits stakeholders, manages communications between stakeholders, and organizes regional and target population coalitions.

Organizations may seek to become a member of one of these teams. However, organizations need not join a team to access the resources and connections produced by Enroll Nebraska. They can link with the group to acquire resources and to keep up with health care reform developments.

If your organization is interested in connecting with other organizations through Enroll Nebraska, please take a moment to complete this survey and tell us more about your organization.

For more information, please contact Enroll Nebraska at info@enroll-ne.org or 402-438-8853 x118.

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