October 2019 Newsletter


Have a Spooky Enrollment

Enroll Nebraska wishes you a safe but spooky couple of days as you prepare for Open Enrollment! To relax, feel free to watch our “Happy” Promo Video, distribute some Nebraska-specific outreach materials, or check out Nebraska plans (previews are up at healthcare.gov).

But most of all, avoid the full moon!


If you know about health care-related and/or outreach and enrollment events happening in your area, visit our events page and enter your event into our Submit An Event form.


Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace
November 1 – December 15, 2019

Open Enrollment for Heritage Heath (Nebraska’s Managed Care System)
November 1 – December 15, 2019

Open Enrollment for Medicare
November 1 – December 7


If you’d like more health-related news, we recommend Kaiser Health News to sign up for periodic email updates.

The Associated Press: More Choices And Stable Premiums For ‘Obamacare’ Next Year
For now, the Department of Health and Human Services is touting a second consecutive year of positive-sounding numbers. An additional 20 insurers will participate for 2020, expanding consumer choice in many states, officials said. Nearly 70 percent of customers will have three or more insurers from which to pick a plan.

Kaiser Health News: The Deep Divide: State Borders Create Medicaid Haves And Have-Nots
State borders have become arbitrary dividing lines between Medicaid’s haves and have-nots, with Americans in similar financial straits facing vastly different health care fortunes.


HCAN Medica Webinar Recording on Nebraska Plans from 10/29/19

On Nebraska Medicaid Expansion:

Enroll Nebraska Outreach Resources

Enroll Nebraska Past Statewide Campaign Videos

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