January 2019 Newsletter


Nebraska Assisters: Congratulations on an excellent Open Enrollment Period!

Watch our Assister Celebration Replay (from Jan 24th) and join in the fun!


If you know about health care-related and/or outreach and enrollment events happening in your area, visit our events page and enter your event into our Submit An Event form.


Nebraska Legislative Session: Jan 9 – Jun 6
To keep up with bills and advocacy opportunities as they become available (including information on Medicaid Expansion funding, etc.), sign up for “legislative updates” from Nebraska Appleseed HERE.


If you’d like more health-related news, we recommend Kaiser Health News to sign up for periodic email updates.

Healthcare Finance News: ACA enrollment down by 3 percent, but numbers show steady signups in a good economy, CMS says
When open enrollment began November 1, there were more than 2 million jobs added to the economy compared to 2017.

NET Nebraska: Timetable, Contents Of Nebraska Medicaid Expansion Still Uncertain
Nebraska officials are working on expanding Medicaid, which voters approved in last November’s election. But it’s a complex process, and exactly what benefits Nebraskans can expect, and when they’ll be available, remains uncertain.


Nebraska DHHS Webpage on Medicaid Expansion


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