May 2018 Newsletter


Petition drive sponsors, including Enroll Nebraska, have until July 5, 2018 to collect 85,000 signatures including 5 percent of eligible voters in 38 of Nebraska’s 93 counties. If successful, Nebraskans will be able to vote in November to join 32 other states that have already expanded Medicaid.

Have you signed the petition yet? Interested in collecting signatures? Let Eric know if you’re interested in helping support the cause personally or as an organization. Visit to learn more.


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Signature collection for Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska
Now – July 5, 2018


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LiveWell Omaha: Petition drive to expand Medicaid in Nebraska forges ahead with national group’s support
Circulators for the Insure the Good Life petition have been collecting signatures since early April, and Molly McCleery, a leader of the campaign and deputy director of Nebraska Appleseed, said the drive is going well.

California Healthline: ‘Time’s Up’: Covered California To Enforce Quality And Safety Targets
Starting in less than two years, if hospitals haven’t met targets for safety and quality, they’ll risk being excluded from the “in-network” designation of health plans sold on the state’s insurance exchange.


New CMS Hardship Exemption Guidance
CMS issued a new guidance in early April with examples and further information around hardship exemptions through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Be sure to review.

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