April Newsletter


We have some new CMS rules for SEPs and insurer protections for the upcoming Open Enrollment period. One big change is we’ll have half the time to enroll people…Click below for more information about the new rules from CMS.


If you know about health care-related and/or outreach and enrollment events happening in your area, visit our events page and enter your event into our Submit An Event form.


Enroll NE Enrollment Group Call
Thursday, May 4, 1:00 pm Central
Register and ask Questions HERE
Our monthly call to share updates, offer support, and ask questions of the experts around outreach, education and all things Affordable Care Act.

Medicaid Managed Care Provider Q & A Panel
Hosted by Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department & Enroll Nebraska
Wednesday, May 17, 8:30 – 10:00 am Central
Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department or online
RSVP to Andrea Haberman to attend in person or signup for the live Enroll NE webcast HERE
Join us in person or via webinar to learn more about Medicaid Managed Care providers in Nebraska and ask questions.

Enroll NE Enrollment Group Call
Thursday, June 1, 1:00 pm Central
Register and ask Questions HERE


10th Annual Health Disparities Seminar
Hosted by Creighton University Health Sciences Continuing Education
Saturday, April 29th, 7:30 – 4:30 pm Central
Creighton University, Omaha, NE
Register HERE
At the end of this workshop, the participant should be able to: 1. Recognize what Policies, 2. Systems, and Environmental (PSE) changes means. 3.Discuss how to evaluate, develop, and implement new PSEs. 4. Recognize PSE outcomes after changes have been made. 5. Discuss policies for Nebraska Medicaid coverage, its process, and sustainability.


Medicare Basics
Hosted by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
Wednesday, May 3, 2:00 – 3:00 pm Central
Register HERE
The webinar will provide high level information and resources, and will be beneficial to partners who are new to working with Medicare beneficiaries and those who would like a refresher.


If you’d like more health-related news, we recommend Kaiser Health News to sign up for periodic email updates.

Kaiser Health News: HHS, States Move to Help Insurers Defray Costs of Sickest Patients
The White House is encouraging states to set up reinsurance funds with the intent to help insurers afford the costs of their most expensive patients. Funds provided by the federal government to reimburse insurers for certain costs is a common way to protect insurers.

USA Today: Ending One Obamacare Subsidy Would Increase the Costs of Another
A current ACA subsidy that helps more than 7 million Americans pay for their coverage is an important piece of the health care law. Ending this subsidy would end up costing the federal government more money because the costs would simply be added into a broader subsidy.


Thank You, Enroll America Blog Post – with love

CMS Final Rule Announcement – Market Stabilization

Enroll America Get Covered Connector handoff Webinar (audio link / powerpoint) 4/20/17
Enroll Nebraska still has access to the Get Covered Connector. It will be transitioning from Enroll America to Young Invincibles with Enroll America’s sunset in June but enrollment assisters around the state can still access. Learn more by clicking above.

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