ACA In Nebraska: Windrum family finds affordable coverage

Omaha resident Carol Windrum remembers the fear of not knowing if you were going to get what you paid for in the days before the Affordable Care Act.

Carol had survived cancer, but because of the disease, it was difficult for her to find affordable insurance through the private market.  She was only able to get expensive health care coverage through the Nebraska Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool, which was a last-resort option for people unable to get other coverage because of preexisting conditions.

Carol’s husband is self-employed and had a privately purchased individual plan, however, the coverage contained many exclusions that could have kept him from receiving treatments if he got sick.

But, now, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Carol and her husband have an affordable family plan that meets their needs and fits their budget.  After attending a helpful presentation about coverage options under the ACA presented by AARP Nebraska, Carol used the Healthcare.Gov website to find the plan she and her husband currently use.  “It only took about an hour,” she said.  “It was amazing.”

Carol and her husband have an income that make them ineligible to receive subsidies to purchase the insurance, but she said their plan still is more affordable than their previous coverage.  The vast majority of Nebraskans who use the Health Care Marketplace will qualify to receive a premium subsidy.

“I believe in the common good,” Carol said.  “I believe everyone should have the right to affordable health care.”

Enrollment in plans sold through the Marketplace continues through March 31, 2014.  Go to Healthcare.Gov to find a plan that fits the needs and budget of your family.

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