Help Nebraskans Get Covered – Join the Enrollment and Engagement Group

Are you interested in staying up to date on the ACA and so you can connect Nebraskans to quality, affordable health insurance? Join the Education and Engagement Group (EEG) today!

The Education and Engagement Group is the awareness, outreach and referral portion of Enroll Nebraska. The group is made up of various nonprofits, government agencies and community organizations interested in helping as many Nebraskans as possible sign up for the affordable health coverage they need.  By tapping into your existing networks, we can help spread the word and help all eligible Nebraskans get covered.

Webinar meetings for the Education and Engagement Group occur on a quarterly basis outside of open enrollment period and more often during open enrollment. Topics during these meetings range from a simple ACA 101 to more in depth discussion of referral resources.  Join us for our next webinar meeting on December 17th at 12 pm! RSVP here.

Take action and learn how Enroll Nebraska is working to get people covered in your area, help connect your network to health care with relevant resources, and connect with other groups interested in spreading the word.  To learn more, visit

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