Changes coming to Medicaid Enrollees starting April 1st

Between 35,000 and 90,000 Nebraskans are at risk of losing Medicaid starting in the spring. In January, Congress passed a 1.7 trillion spending bill, but the bill could mean changes to some Medicaid recipients.  The change in the Medicaid program comes as the federal government works to roll back pandemic protections. Congress had previously barred states from kicking people off Medicaid… Read more →

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace Starts November 1

Nebraskans can still access free and local assistance during COVID-19 pandemic This is a guest blog post from Marissa Morales, Health Care Access Program Intern The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted thousands of Nebraskans, including many who have lost their health insurance coverage through their jobs. The Health Insurance Marketplace will offer coverage to eligible Nebraskans during the Open Enrollment Period… Read more →

October 2020 Newsletter

4 DAYS UNTIL OPEN ENROLLMENT HIGHLIGHT Open Enrollment Starts November 1! Open enrollment for Marketplace coverage starts November 1. Health Insurance Marketplace OE8 will run through December 15 for consumers to sign up for 2021 health coverage. Over the past several years, we’ve had huge success as a group in getting thousands of Nebraskans signed up for coverage. Now, more… Read more →

August 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Enrollment Continues for Heritage Health Adult! After the first weekend enrollment was open, more than 1,100 Nebraskans had already applied for coverage through Nebraska’s newly available expanded Medicaid program, Heritage Health Adult. More and more sign ups are expected leading up to the October 1st start date! Don’t forget about Enroll Nebraska’s Medicaid Expansion Outreach Toolkit to help spread… Read more →

July 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Nebraska’s Expanded Medicaid (Heritage Health Adult) Enrollment is Finally Here! Help spread the word to the over 94,000 newly eligible Nebraskans with Enroll Nebraska Medicaid Expansion Outreach Toolkit. We’ve got newsletter blurbs, postcards, tweets, posts, images – you name it, we’ve got it! We’ve also updated our website to acknowledge Enroll Nebraska enrollment assisters can help with expanded medicaid… Read more →

May 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Countdown to Medicaid Expansion (Heritage Health Adult) Enrollment We know you care about people in the coverage gap. That’s why Enroll Nebraska is working to make it easy to do outreach with templates, images, flyers, blurbs, and more. Only 1 more month until August 1, 2020 when expanded medicaid enrollment is opened in Nebraska. Be on the lookout for… Read more →

May 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT How are you preparing for Medicaid Expansion in Nebraska? Only 2 more months until August 1, 2020 when expanded medicaid enrollment is opened in Nebraska. A group of advocates, enrollment assisters, community organizations and health care professionals are working together to make sure education and enrollment reaches as far as possible. Are you interested in helping by sharing on… Read more →

April 2020 Newsletter

HIGHLIGHT Special Enrollment Periods Over 96,000 unemployment claims have been filed in Nebraska in the last 4 weeks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s over 2 years’ worth of claims in a normal time. For some of these individuals, that means they are now eligible for a Special Enrollment Period through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Health Reform Beyond the Basics… Read more →

Health Insurance Marketplace available during Special Enrollment Periods to help qualifying individuals

For many people, health insurance is something they get through their job. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the past month has seen the number of new unemployment claims in Nebraska jump to over 95,000 – an amount more than the past 2 years combined. Appleseed and Enroll Nebraska are continuously dedicated to assisting Nebraskans enroll in or change health insurance… Read more →

2020 Marketplace Open Enrollment Data Summary

Last week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released data for the 2020 Marketplace enrollment period including data on Nebraska’s enrollment. Of the 38 states using the platform, Nebraska and 15 other states saw an increase in the number of plans selected through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Around 8.3 million Americans overall secured plans through the Marketplace, and… Read more →